Moving across the country for a new job

First of all, welcome to the very first post on my new blog. This blog will end up being a place where a variety of topics are discussed from work skills and explorations into technical topics to life experiences and thoughts surrounding them. It’s quite a wide net to cast, but it’ll make it easier to find interesting topics if we don’t restrict ourselves too much out of the gate.

Enough on the blog itself, and on to the topic of this post. I’m finally getting to the point in my career where I’m actually be flown across the country for a job interview. I’m looking at the prospect of moving my wife and I from Louisiana to Wyoming – a roughly 2 thousand mile journey!

While the location is not a coincidence, in fact we are specifically looking to move to Wyoming for a myriad of reasons, the job also happens to be a significant step up for me in my career. I’d be adding more server and network infrastructure duties to what I’m doing now and it sounds like I’d also be working in part of a more agile team of technicians.

My current work environment is very compartmentalized which leads to inflexibility and a lack of a sense of community. The model we follow works well in larger enterprises that need that level of scalability, such as IBM and Microsoft, but it only serves to get in the way in smaller groups (less then 10, in this case). I’m looking forward to working with a similar size group but in a more open environment where we literally take care of problems from beginning to end and focus more on finding solutions than excuses not to help.

But this post isn’t about that.

This post is about the daunting task of packing up my toys and moving across the country for a different life. The logistics are mind numbing, really.

There’s the initial drive out there to get my car and things I’ll need on a daily basis out there. I’ll have to rent a hotel for a week or so until I can get into a cheap apartment, where I will stay until our current house sells.

I won’t have any furniture when I first move into this apartment: no bed, no table, nothing. I’ll probably use an air mattress, folding chair and small folding table to get by with initially. To be honest, I don’t want a lot of furniture or stuff with me in the apartment, because that’s more to deal with when the house finally sells and we move into a more permanent location.

Once my wife gets her RN license, she’ll be looking for a job out near me. When she finds one, I’ll fly down and rent a U-Haul and move all of our stuff the 2 thousand miles and put it all in a storage facility. Having the house empty and our stuff within reach of our new location should make the move feel a lot more complete.

Then we just deal with the realtor to sell the house and find a new home to move into!

What do you think? Have you ever had to make such a large move? How did\would you handle the logistics of such a situation?