A Warning on the Current Apple Public Betas

MacOS High Sierra

As usual, I decided to go ahead and install the public beta of MacOS High Sierra. While this is public beta 1, it’s the same as developer beta 2. So far, not so good. While most things still work dependably. there are graphics issues (probably related to the new Metal 2) that prevent you from using Final Cut and iMovie, so don’t update if you depend on these applications regularly (I haven’t tested Premiere). The current version of Firefox seems to struggle with web pages that contain Flash content and Safari struggles with page loads and dynamic content. Some pages seem to get stuck with stale information and page refreshes sometimes don’t do anything either.

iOS 11

I’ve also been testing public beta 2 of iOS 11. The last version was really bad! Many of the most noticeable issues are smoothed out now, but there are still issues. Things like the new control center not toggling bluetooth, even though it indicates that it is. I’ve also noticed that messages and notifications sent to watchOS (non-beta) are several minutes late. I’ll get an iMessage from someone and read it on my phone, then several minutes later I’ll get a notice on my watch.

Considering these problems are pretty apparent and easy to reproduce, I imagine they’ll be resolved quickly. Probably by the next public betas. Overall, I would recommend giving iOS 11 a try, while avoiding MacOS High Sierra for now until a later build is available. I’ll update this when a new version comes out and I’ve had a chance to evaluate it.