An update on my thoughts of iOS 10

A while ago, I wrote that my impressions of iOS 10 were less than stellar. With the announcements surrounding the next iPhone, Apple Watch and, presumably, iOS 10 right around the corner, I wanted to share my updated impressions.

I initially noted quite clearly that iOS 10 was very unstable. As I figured would happen, most of those issues are cleared away now. Apps no longer crash and the entire experience is quick and reliable. I’ve also added an iPhone 6S Plus to test with my last-generation iPhone 6 Plus and confirm both are as reliable as each other.

A few other changes since last time, some new system sounds have been added to indicate locking the phone and different types of keyboard sounds. At first I thought the key sounds were sort of goofy, but they actually do provide a nice breath of fresh air in terms of providing positive feedback to your typing.

Overall, I’m really liking the new feature set, from improvements to Maps, Messages, & Mission Control to the new color scheme employed throughout the operating system.

If you’re worried about upgrading to iOS 10 when it first comes out, I’d say you’re relatively safe doing so right away. All of the major kinks are worked out a this point and anything left would likely be a minor annoyance that’ll have to be swept up by the later point releases.

Now, if only I had an iPad to test with…